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  • about these notes

    • I wanted to know understand and research on wholebeing or over all well-being. Thus, this knowledge garden is collection of stuff relevant to it.
    • If the notes seem incomplete, short, and unconventional, then please understand, that these are just informal notes. It’s more like a reference and repo in no particular format.
    • This is my second layer of notes, I tried to make it simple, precise, complete and clear as much as possible for the reader’s benefit.
    • You can see the more formal version of my writings at
  • How to get new updates on these notes?

    • Well, it’s hard to pull the updated content as these notes are non-linear in nature. You can subscribe to my email updates where I will include the major changes made to these notes, briefly.
    • Check excerpt of notes added here to see what it is about.
    • Check [[ Snippetter ]]s page for chronologically added updates, more like a newsletter updates covers wide topics.
  • What else?

    • Ask me anything. Write to me ->
    • Share. If you are using the contents of this project, don’t forget to share the credits.
    • Support this project. It costs me energy and time to create and share intellectual content. Consider buying me some coffee to ease my cognitive burden. Knowledge is free, yet to assemble it is a hard job.
  • Why publish like this?

  • Caution & Disclaimer: The contents are my opinion, my understanding at the time of taking notes, and out of my personal experience. __Do not treat them as a fact. __
  • How to read this site

    • You can see the list of Notes with excerpt for you to choose a starting point.
    • Latest addition is linked to ( [[ excerpt-recent ]]); for repeated visitors.
    • Weekly Updates - [[ Snippetter ]] as a collection of take-away for the week or period between the [[ Snippetter ]] issue/release.
    • index is the root of the notes with Outline Topics page
    • You can also browse by the note connections in the “Graph”.

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