Task switching cost

  • the total expense of energy, focus and other resources (both physical and emotional) when you (frequently) switch between tasks of different nature that goes waste or not contributing to the productivity (completion of task) #excerpt excerpt
  • app switching cost

    • the amount of energy, time (to evaluate, to get acquainted ), money to spend to change to another method or productivity strategy or to a new app or tool.
  • mental / task switching cost

    • loss of
      • will-power to concentrate, loss of interest on the work procrastination in disguise
      • getting back to the flow after a break or when switching between tasks.
    • ironically it is beneficial
      • switching between projects gives a fresh view and a new angle to see it (after spending some period of time in another project, instead of getting burned within a single project)
        • gives paradigm shift to your approach for a same problem
      • switching between different areas of life also gives the same effect.

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