Write for your future stupid self

  • How to write a note or journal? You have to write for your future stupid self and why? #excerpt excerpt
  • when you read your note it in future
    • remember that you don’t remember everything, esp. the context of the note.
    • consider your future mind as a fresh mind that has not exposure to the work (that you made notes on)
    • Solution: consider your future “YOU” as a stupid person and write for him/her
  • write clearly,
    • no ambiguity
      • if you don’t get the right word, then use multiple words to describe it
      • use no analogy (expect if you’re explaining to others)
    • no misunderstanding
      • anything can be misinterpreted if anyone intended to.
        • try avoid as much as you can
          • No language exists that cannot be misused. Every interpretation is hypothetical, for it is a mere attempt to read an unfamiliar text - Karl Jung
    • add contexts (when, where, who, reference sources)
    • add connections
    • re-read it again before closing the note
    • write your question and doubts along with the note
      • to answer later
      • to know you’re not quite sure when writing it
    • write in block, so to rearrange it quickly
    • preserve atomicity of the note to connect it to others atomic note

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